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Existalite Guide-LITE

The Existalite Guide-LITE range from Thomas & Betts is a modular emergency Low Location Lighting system comprising of LED modules, exit indicators and power supply units.

The Existalite Guide-LITE system provides emergency path lighting in a low mounted position to assist passengers identifying the routes of escape when the normal emergency lighting is less effective due to smoke.

As the official Global Distributor of the Existalite Guide-LITE range to the Marine and Offshore Industries, we can supply this range directly to our customers.

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LED Module

  • GBD2G/2 - LED Module 160mm Light Green
  • GBD3G/2 - LED Module 260mm Light Green
  • GBD6G/2 - LED Module 560mm Light Green
  • GBD12G/2 - LED Module 1160mm Light Green
  • GBD18G/2 - LED Module 1760mm Light Green
  • GBD24G/2 - LED Module 2360mm Light Green
  • For the GBD specification sheet please click here.

    The above modules are the most commonly required, and are Light Green (Series 2). These modules may also be manufactured in Green (Series 3), Amber and White. If you require any of these options please contact us and we will be happy to advise you of the available range.

    Below are a few other LED modules available in the Existalite range.

  • SCDA/G/2 - LED Module Arrow Green
  • SCDA/R/2 - LED Module Arrow Red
  • For the GBD specification sheet please click here.

  • GWDH/IND7/3 - LED Module Exit Door
  • For the GBD specification sheet please click here.

  • GBD/EXIT/KIT - LED Module Exit Door Kit 784mm
  • For the GBD specification sheet please click here.

    Module Connectors

  • SCC50/2 - Module Connector 50mm
  • SCC85/2 - Module Connector 85mm
  • SCC100/2 - Module Connector 100mm
  • SCC150/2 - Module Connector 150mm
  • SCC200/2 - Module Connector 200mm
  • SCC300/2 - Module Connector 300mm
  • SCC400/2 - Module Connector 400mm
  • SCC500/2 - Module Connector 500mm
  • SCC600/2 - Module Connector 600mm
  • SCC800/2 - Module Connector 800mm
  • SCC1000/2 - Module Connector 1000mm
  • SCC1100/2 - Module Connector 1100mm
  • SCC1300/2 - Module Connector 1300mm
  • SCC1500/2 - Module Connector 1500mm
  • SCC2000/2 - Module Connector 2000mm
  • SCC2500/2 - Module Connector 2500mm
  • For the SCC specification sheet please click here.

  • SCC150/X/2 Module Connector Cross 150mm
  • SCC/J/2 Module Connector Joiner Piece MK2
  • Input Connector

  • SCC150/L/T/2 - Module Input Connector 150mm Left
  • SCC150/L/T/2 - Module Input Connector 150mm Right
  • SCIP300/L/2S - Module Input Connector 300mm Left
  • SCIP300/R/2S - Module Input Connector 300mm Right
  • SCIP1000/L/2S - Module Input Connector 1000mm Left
  • SCIP1000/R/2S - Module Input Connector 1000mm Right
  • SCIP4000/L/2S - Module Input Connector 4000mm Left
  • SCIP4000/R/2S - Module Input Connector 4000mm Right
  • Extrusion

  • GL-X32AL - Aluminium Extrusion 2400mm
  • GLA32/ES - Lighting Extrusion End Stop GLA32 Milled
  • Connection Covers

  • GLP40 - Infill Spacer 40mm Grey
  • GLP125 - Infill Spacer 125mm Grey
  • GLP2400 - Infill Spacer 2400mm Grey
  • GLP180 - Infill Spacer 90 Deg 2x40mm Grey
  • For the GLP specification sheet please click here.

    Other Guide-LITE Products

  • XLV24100 - Power Supply
  • For the XLV24100 specification sheet please click here.

  • GL-EG4L7 - Exit Sign
  • For the GL-EG4L7 specification sheet please click here.

  • GLEX IND7 - Exit Sign
  • For the IND7 specification sheet please click here.


    For the Existalite Guide-LITE cetification, please click here.